Eating to Support Earth Day (every day)

Eating to Support Earth Day (every day)

April 22nd each year is designated as “Earth Day”. This annual event was started in the U.S. on April 22nd, 1970, to demonstrate support for protecting our environment and drawing awareness to the negative toll pollution was taking on our environment. By 1990 this event went global! It now includes events in over 190 countries and is coordinated by www.EARTHDAY.ORG. Earth Day is recognized as day of action to fight for a clean environment. This includes ways to decrease our carbon footprint and empowering individuals with information on how they can support a cleaner environment. Part of which includes our decisions on what foods we consume and how the production of those foods impacts our environment.

This is where going to a more plant-based diet comes in. We’re not saying everyone has to go completely plant based, but if everyone would make some small changes, we collectively could have a very positive effect on the health of our planet!

UCLA (working along with UC Davis) has compiled some very interesting information that makes the case for going to a plant-based diet.

They noted in their publication that if every person in the US gave up meat and dairy products at least one day a week, we could save the environment from thousands of tons of carbon emissions! Also, by reducing consumption of animal-based foods we could also reduce our water use! And we are all aware of the many areas in the US that are currently in severe drought conditions!

So where do you start? Perhaps you’ve heard of “meatless Mondays”. That’s an easy way to start – one day a week. But then where do you get your protein? Well, there are many plant sources that provide a complete amino acid profile to support your protein needs – lentils, soy, pea, quinoa, rice, nuts, chickpeas, etc.

Biochem has developed an extraordinary plant protein formulated with water lentils, fermented pea protein, and organic pumpkin seed protein that has an amino acid profile very similar to that of whey protein! What’s even better is that it not only supports a clean environment, but the proprietary blend includes fermented, highly sustainable and clean sourced protein ingredients. And it tastes GREAT!

Of course, we always recommend you check with your health care provider before making any changes in your diet, but give the Biochem Plant protein a try on your next “Meatless Monday”!

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