Incorporating Protein Powders into Meal Preparing

Incorporating Protein Powders into Meal Preparing

We hear so much about the importance of protein in our diet – and it’s true! Protein is a vital macronutrient we need to consume every day for the health of our body. It’s responsible for not only building and maintaining muscles, but also for every other cell in the body. However, we sometimes have a challenge consuming enough high-quality protein in our daily diet. Let’s review some ways we can include protein in our meal planning as well as incorporating it into healthy snacking we might enjoy throughout the day.

First, thinking about meal planning, some of us get into a routine – having the same “menu” every day. While other of us love to experience and experiment with new recipes, trying new foods, etc. And then some of us are more “grab and go” with our meals due to our hectic lifestyle. Any of these sound like you? Perhaps you can see yourself fitting into each of these meal planning types depending on your day. Or maybe you are following a vegan or vegetarian diet and are always looking for new options for your protein intake. No matter what, we all need protein and figuring out how to incorporate quality protein into our daily routine is important. And an easy way to do that is utilizing protein powders as you plan your meals.

Let’s think about that first meal of the day – breakfast. Maybe you mix up that smoothie to start your day. This is one of the easiest ways to incorporate protein powders. No matter what your dietary restrictions might be, adding a scoop of your favorite protein powder to your blender helps you start the day working towards your daily protein needs. Perhaps that morning cup of coffee is what you crave. Add a scoop of protein to your coffee and enjoy a new flavor! Maybe you like something a little more traditional – like pancakes or waffles. Adding protein powder to your batter allows you to enjoy one of your favorite dishes while providing additional protein. And what about adding protein powder to your oatmeal? This trick is such an easy option and provides the goodness of oatmeal and protein!

Moving on to lunch and dinner. Lunch - this can be tricky for some of us. Our day might get so busy we skip lunch. Or we don’t have time to “go out” to get lunch we just grab a snack bar or something quick so we can get back to work. Has this ever happened to you? Do you frequently skip lunch? That is not a good idea. Providing fuel for your body throughout the day can help you stay focused and have enough energy to power through whatever you have to do. There are so many delicious options in protein powders that mix up easily you should never miss this body fueling time of day.

Maybe you prepare your lunch and dinner every day. Maybe even have dinner leftovers for lunch the following day. That’s great! So how can you incorporate protein powders into some of your favorite recipes? It’s SO easy! Experiment! Be creative! How about adding it to home made guacamole? Soup? Hummus? And give it a try in muffins and cakes too! Try different powders and see which ones best suit your needs and tastes. Often we think protein powder is only for smoothies but it’s not. There are many great options out there.

Do you have a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack? Some people do and some people don’t, but a quick and easy snack is a scoop of protein powder with your favorite beverage. Or maybe you want to make some energy bites with a bit of protein powder, some oatmeal and nuts. Or have that protein muffin. So many options!

So now that you have a few suggestions on using protein powders in your meal preparation, where do you begin with the search to find the right protein powder for you.

Biochem has many options in the protein powder category – meeting vegan and vegetarian lifestyle requirements as well. You can try any and all of these options. The 100% Whey Isolate Protein is American Vegetarian Association (AVA) Certified Vegetarian, 99% lactose free, and comes in sugar free or lightly sweetened with cane sugar options in both chocolate and vanilla flavors. The Vegan protein is a combination of organic pea, organic hemp and cranberry protein. AVA Certified Vegan and offers a complete amino acid profile.

Let Biochem take you to your #NextLevelLiving with their delicious protein powders.

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