Making The Most Of National Fitness Day

Making The Most Of National Fitness Day

It’s no secret that Biochem is all about helping you achieve next level living. That’s why we like to highlight events that bring attention to living a healthy lifestyle, and National Fitness Day is one such event. Taking place on Saturday, May 1st, it can be a catalyst to renew your fitness goals. Anyone who has been looking for the perfect excuse to get back into shape can use National Fitness Day as a starting point to put a plan into action. Let Biochem support you as you step up your daily nutrition and power your best life with our clean proteins and pure, effective supplements.

On National Fitness Day, make a promise to yourself to stay fit and healthy.

Sometimes all the motivation a person needs to get active and keep active is learning a little bit about fitness and the human body. To help everyone become more active, here are some fun fitness facts that should motivate everyone to get up off the couch and start moving:

  • Everyone can begin exercising in some way no matter their age or size.
  • Regular physical activity can help a person sleep better at night.
  • Even as little as 10-minutes of physical activity a day can have beneficial effects.
  • A brisk walk burns almost as many calories as jogging the same distance.

Focus on Health and Fitness Your health and fitness help determine the quality of your life.

Starting an exercise program is a great way to celebrate this holiday, and if you’re already active, then be sure to pat yourself on the back. And once you’re done exercising, be sure to use the hashtag #NationalFitnessDay to encourage friends and family to get out there and get active. Harvard University’s Medical School provides some excellent guidance on optimizing your exercise routine to help you get the most out of your workouts.

Fitness helps makes you a healthier, more confident person, so make it a priority!

National Fitness Day is dedicated to everyone – not just health and fitness enthusiasts. Step out and try a class that looks interesting. Pilates? Kickboxing? Give it a try. Or perhaps you simply want to get out and stretch. Do it! Maybe you already have a nice routine but want to try something new. For example, change up your daily jogging route, add more time to your walk, try a new and healthy recipe, or unplug your electronics for a day -- this day is an excellent excuse to shake up your routine.

If you are fit, then you are unstoppable.

So, what’s stopping you? It’s normal to think that starting a lifetime of regular physical exercise is hard. You may also feel that it’s hard to fit exercise into your already packed schedule. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone to disagree with you! Getting started is most definitely the hardest part. So, start slow. In the beginning, your body may put up a fuss with the new aches and pains that arise as a result of your new routine. Soon, the aches and pains will disappear, and you will suddenly feel stronger, have more energy and endurance and are able to do physical things you haven’t been able to accomplish in years. Congratulations!

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