Sensational Super Bowl Snacks

Sensational Super Bowl Snacks

Super Bowl Sunday is upon us! Whether you are a football fanatic and your favorite team made it to the big game, or just a football fan that just likes the party atmosphere and festivities of Super Bowl Sunday, the day usually includes many indulgences that might not be the healthiest. There goes that New Year’s resolution!

But it doesn’t have to be that way! With just a little extra effort some great tasting healthier snacks and hor d’oeuvres can grace your party table. Let’s think about some additions and substitutions you might consider making.

Perhaps we should first think about hydration. Yes, we know there will be adult beverages served, but you should also have plenty of bottled water available for those who are aware (and for those who are not) of the need for hydration. Those adult beverages are known to dehydrate the body, so it’s a good idea to provide some good old H2O. And if you are just attending a party and not hosting it, you can bring your own water. After all, how often do you see people with their own water bottle these days? Almost everywhere you look! Now that we have that detail handled, let’s move on to the FOOD!

Yes, the food sometimes seems to be more important than the game! With just a little planning you can find great tasting and healthier substitutions for those traditional snacks. Let’s take chips and dip for instance. Instead of the traditional fried potato chip or tortilla chip, loaded with unhealthy fats and lots of sodium, try some veggie chips. These options are usually free of trans fats (those nasty fats that clog your arteries) and are made with things like spinach powder and tomato paste. Dipped in your favorite salsa or guacamole they will provide the crunch you are looking for without all the bad stuff.

There are other ways to increase the nutritional value of common snacks and food options. One way is to add some protein to your recipe to provide the building blocks (amino acids) our bodies need to survive. More and more people are learning that whey protein powder for example can be incorporated into so many different foods and recipes. We know protein is an important one of the macro nutrients we need to survive and thrive, but there is also a lot of confusion with regard to whey protein and the different types of protein supplements available.

Consider Biochem 100% Whey Protein Isolate. The Biochem Whey Protein Isolate is an excellent protein source, easy to digest and not only is certified gluten free, but also is dual filtered, 99% lactose free, soy free, AVA certified vegetarian and supports immune health. provides a wealth of information along with recipes for utilizing this amazing whey protein product as well as options for using the delicious Biochem Vegan protein. There are so many other ways to enjoy adding quality protein into your diet than just making a smoothie. Protein powders are extremely versatile and you might only need a couple suggestions to get you to excited to develop your own special creation.

Here's a suggestion:

Score some extra points with these great tasting protein rich “footballs” that will satisfy almost everyone’s sweet tooth!

Peanut butter Protein Footballs



  • mix together peanut butter, protein powder, syrup and coconut oil until a sticky batter forms.
  • roll out onto a flat surface.
  • cut out small ovals (footballs) with a knife.
  • chill for 30 minutes then drizzle and french with chocolate.
  • chill again for 5 minutes and design with white frosting!

Enjoy the festivities and take yourself to your #NextLevelLiving with Biochem proteins.

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