The Keto Diet For Men Vs. Women

The Keto Diet For Men Vs. Women

The ketogenic diet has become one of the most favored diets for those with weight-loss struggles. But like all buzzworthy diets, keto is not a one-size-fits-all solution. There are varying parameters for different body compositions ––especially among men and women.

Biochem has been developing award-winning and innovative protein powders and sports supplements for over two decades. They make the keto lifestyle a little easier — and tastier— with their keto-friendly products.

Keep reading to learn the basics of a ketogenic diet for both men and women, and, as always, discuss any weight management program that you follow with your health care providers.

What is the Ketogenic Diet?

Unlike the suite of popular low-carb high-protein diets, keto focuses on increased fat consumption. The human body is naturally inclined to use glucose––the sugars from the carbohydrates consumed––for energy. Eating more good-for-you fats means reconfiguring your body to burn fat for fuel instead. Compared to the restrictive low-fat diet fads of the early aughts, this is a welcomed option for those who want to feel satiated while still dropping pounds. Recommended plant-derived fats include nuts, seeds, avocado, coconut, olive oil plus animal-derived foods such as yogurt, eggs butter, cheese and fish.

The Challenges for Women

In 2019, Medical News Today reported on findings by Dr. E. Dale Abel, Ph.D., chair of the University of Iowa Department of Internal Medicine, concluding that keto is potentially more effective for weight loss in men than in women, believed to be linked to the presence of estrogen. In general, women and men experience their own unique challenges when it comes to shedding weight. For women especially, the dieting experience holds extra physical, mental, and emotional weight.

Leanne Vogel, author of the international bestseller The Keto Diet, offers helpful advice for women who might hit roadblocks while embarking on keto. In her “Healthful Pursuit” blog she believes it’s crucial that women attune to their physical and emotional needs and adjust accordingly. Here are some of her tips.

Flexibility with Carbs

For some women, a strict keto diet may require an occasional recalibration of one’s carbohydrate intake. Relaxing the “tight grip” may help turn around weight-loss plateaus, hair loss, difficulty sleeping and more. Vogel suggests “carb-ups,” which is the increase of complex carbohydrates in meals.

Scaling back on dairy and gluten

From Vogel’s experience, dairy and gluten can curtail weight loss, especially for those with food intolerances or inflammation issues. However for those who are less sensitive to dairy, Vogel suggests consuming products strictly from grass-fed cows.

Balance and mindfulness above all

While weight loss might be the immediate goal, Vogel stresses that “instead of focusing on a number on the scale, keep your eye on the non-scale victories.” This means reaching for non-GMO, whole foods, managing stress, and staying physically active to yield the greatest results.

Also, Give Your Health a Hand

For women, healthier and leaner living through keto is not just doable, it’s well-researched and geared for success. However, there’s always room for adjustment, given the hurdles that women face. In fact, it’s helpful to add an extra nutritional boost from high-quality supplements. Biochem’s Functional Whey and Plant Protein keto-friendly powders are formulaically developed to help alleviate target pain points––be it stubborn weight, stress-relief, bone-skin and joint-health. After all, a ketogenic lifestyle may offer outstanding physical transformations, but like all diets, it requires a thoughtful nuanced approach that varies between women and men, person to person.

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