Tips & Tricks, Do’s & Don'ts for your 2024 Goal Setting

Tips & Tricks, Do’s & Don'ts for your 2024 Goal Setting

Can you believe it? It’s 2024 and another new year and setting new goals. Granted, some of us get less than excited when it comes to “goal setting”, but having goals is an important part of our lives.

Whether you are meticulous and write them down with target dates and the steps to achieve them or maybe you just have an idea on what you want to do, you are setting goals. Perhaps some of the challenges you face are triggered by less than positive attempts you’ve made in the past.

Let’s look at some possible ideas (tips and tricks or do’s and don’ts) that might make 2024 an easy year for you to set AND ACHIEVE your goals.

The University of Arizona outlined some effective goal setting strategies to improve productivity that you might consider for your own “tips” for looking at 2024 and what you want to achieve. Some of them are as follows:

  • Focus On Small and Actionable Goals
  • Find Motivators that Will Keep You On Track
  • Strategic Planning
  • Make Goals Achievable, Time-Driven and Measurable
  • Break It Down and Enjoy Milestones
  • Take the SMART Approach (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Reasonable, Timely

Remember – these are goals you set for yourself in an effort to achieve certain end results. You can have personal goals, business goals, health goals, etc. As you think about this process, keep in mind there are short-term, long-term, and life-long goals. If setting goals is new to you, or something you felt less than enthusiastic about, maybe focus on short-term goals for now. Things like exercising daily, cleaning or organizing your office or home every week, taking an art class (or some other learning opportunity) can all be considered short-term goals.

Long-term goals and life-long goals take longer and might be something like starting your own business, running a marathon, reaching your ideal fitness and weight level, etc. And keep in mind that some of your short-term goals can be your stepping stones to life-long goals.

So, understanding all the above information leads us to getting down to more specific tips & tricks (what you might call the “do’s of goal setting”) and the “don’ts”.

  1. Set specific accomplishments you want to achieve – examples:
    1. “exercise 15 minutes a day”
    2. “drink 50 ounces of water a day”
    3. “read 1 book per month”
    4. “volunteer 1 hour per week”
  2. Reward yourself for achieving your goals – examples:
    1. Go out to dinner to celebrate
    2. Buy a new outfit
    3. Do your favorite activity (even taking a nap counts)
  3. When looking at long-term or life-time goals, break down how you are going to get there into a series of short-term goals. Your short-term goals can be the pathway to long-term or life-time goals.
  4. Make the process FUN! If you think of setting goals as something you “want” to do rather than something you “have” to do your attitude towards the entire process will be much more positive.
  5. Decide if you want to share or not share your personal goals. Sometimes having a “buddy” to help you AND them be accountable makes achieving and completing your goals easier and sometimes even more fun. And you can celebrate each milestone achievements together!

Information online is readily available with suggestions, guidance, worksheets, support groups, etc. that you can utilize when you decide to sit down and set some goals for yourself. Action for Happiness is a place someone might start because it’s more than just about goals – it’s about being happy. Achieving goals is one of those things that might make you happy!

No matter how you “write” or “outline” your goals remember they are yours and should be things that are important to you. Take some time to think about what you really want to accomplish in 2024 – and beyond for that matter! It doesn’t have to be just for 2024.

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