What Do You Know About Testosterone - TEST

What Do You Know About Testosterone - TEST

What do you know about testosterone? It seems to be a topic that is in more open conversations these days and there are many misconceptions on what benefits supplementation that promotes increased testosterone levels might have.

First, testosterone is a hormone that both men and women have in their body. Men have the highest amounts (7-8 times more than women) and it is considered a “sex hormone”. It is responsible for the production of male reproductive tissue, increased muscle and bone mass as well as the growth of body hair. It also plays a role in sexual arousal and libido. Unfortunately, after the age of 30, most men begin to experience a gradual decline in free testosterone. It is said that starting at the age of 40, men will lose about 1% of their free testosterone levels each year as part of the normal aging process.

So why the attention lately?

Hard to say, but it seems, in general, people are becoming more comfortable with talking about hormones, personal challenges, and the more intimate aspects of their lives. We have so much more access to information today than ever before, and we have learned to “search the web” to start our own information gathering journey. However, all information we find online may not be exactly correct or may be excluding pertinent information. As always, make sure to include your health care provide in your search for answers so the two of you can determine what is best for your particular needs.

One thing to remember, before you start looking for testosterone boosters (natural or prescription) make sure you know what your blood levels are to determine your actual needs. Also, make sure your diet and lifestyle are in check, and that you’re getting enough sleep and physical activity. Then you can look at what’s next. With more people looking toward natural remedies, here are a couple things to look into.

Testofen® is one of the most clinically studied ingredients shown to increase free testosterone levels. It is a fenugreek seed extract and is available in several supplements.

Then check out PrimaVie® Shilajit. This is a clinically studied shilajit and shilajit is often used in Ayurvedic medicine to support male sexual health.

An exceptional product that contains both of these ingredients is Biochem TEST – Natural Testosterone Booster.

Biochem products are GFCO Certified Gluten Free, and are designed to support #NextLevelLiving.

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