Dual Action Protein with Biochem

Dual Action Protein with Biochem

Dual Action Protein with Biochem

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Summer is coming up and everyone is in a hurry to get (back) in shape– me included. And while I’ve had my ups and downs in my own personal fitness journey, I have been working out consistently over the last 7 years and feel like I have a good grasp of what I need to supplement my workout programs. And if you walk into any gym nowadays, you’re just as likely to hear the rattling of a shaker bottle as the clanking of weights. Powders, bars and other supplements have become so ingrained in workout culture that it’s hard to imagine not following up a great workout with a shake of some sort (and sometimes even mid-workout). And protein powder, specifically, is leading the charge. Created by various sources — from whey to soy to pea — the popular supplement now has cemented its place in our minds, our diets and even our local grocery stores.

Eating more protein is generally something people have no trouble signing up for, because it’s found in many delicious foods. However, getting the amount you need to support a heavy training workload is not always that easy. Protein shakes can be a handy way to ensure you hit your daily targets. They’re easy to make and quick to consume, and they’re certainly easier to get down after a savage training session than a plate of steak and eggs.

But with more protein options now available than ever before, finding the right product for the right situation can be confusing. And better yet, finding the perfect combination of protein and an all-natural energy source is very difficult... until now. Whey+ is a new dual action protein line from Biochem®. The brand’s Whey Protein Isolate + Energy includes novel functionality ingredients, taste fantastic, and contains 130mg of naturally occurring caffeine – the same as one cup of coffee!

I am shamelessly addicted to coffee, and the caffeine that is blended into this protein powder not only increases energy, promotes thermogenesis, but it also helps to burn calories. To me, that’s the perfect supplement.

For more detailed product information, please click here: W+ Energy

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